Amiga Insert Disk LWP Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Windows XP SP2 on Android (Droid 2 Global) using Bochs

Running Windows XP on my Droid 2 Global using Bochs It takes a good 4 minutes to boot, most of which is staring at a blank background and a mouse cursor, ...

MSX.emu 1.4.1 for Android/iOS

A few demo clips of MSX.emu running on a Xoom and iPhone 4. The first part shows SD Snatcher and how to set up SCC sound emulation. Next is a short clip of ...

Touch Display Controller Solution: Introducing EVE

FTDI Chip's EVE (Embedded Video Engine) LCD controller platform enables a whole new approach to intelligent display implementation. Based on the ...

Max Headroom, The Best Bits Ever!

Another selection of great clips, from the 80's. Wow!

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